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SEAL-FLEX® tracks require very little maintenance, but following these simple instructions will help to extend the life of your track.

  • Limit spike length on your Self-Flex LR-6 & LR-5 to a maximum length of 1/4".
  • Limit vehicular traffic to mowing and maintenance equipment. This includes bicycles, roller blades and motorcycles.
  • When vehicles or maintenance equipment are on the track, avoid the following:
    • Power steering turns while the vehicle is not in motion.
    • Jackrabbit starts and stops
    • Sharp turns or sudden stops.
    • Gasoline and oil spillage.

  • Lay crossing mats of artificial grass, indoor-outdoor carpet or rubber belting for sports team/maintenance crossing. This is preferable to plywood.
  • Apply a 2" wide spray of vegetation kill twice a year on the pavement edge where the grass abuts.
  • If there is a problem with mud, remove with water nozzle and/or air broom blower. You will find that brooming is quite difficult. In order to remove loose debris, grass clippings, etc., we recommend a Billy Goat, eight horse power blower. These blowers can be purchased from most contractors supply retail outlet for under $1000.
  • Do not store irrigation, mechanical or other equipment on track or runways.
  • Personnel operating mower equipment should be instructed to raise mower deck to full height when crossing the track.
  • Do not make quick, sharp turns on track surface with mowing equipment.
  • Gas and oil spilled on track will cause damage and delamination.
  • Gum is difficult to remove and limiting its use will greatly aid in the appearance of your track.

  • For damage to the track from vandalism, mechanical equipment, etc., please give us a call and we will send one of our specialists out to make the repair. Most repairs are very inexpensive and the Seal-Flex surface repairs easily. We prefer not to send patch kits.

    To keep your new track in top performing condition, it should be resurfaced / resprayed and relined every 7-10 year. How soon your track requires resurfacing depends on the amount of use, care and general maintenance there is on a year by year basis. The cost of resurfacing for a typical eight-lane facility is generally $12,000 - $25,000, depending upon the number of resurfacing coats needed.

    The above covers the most common circumstances. The main thing to remember is that the track is tough and can be used hard, but use common sense too. If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to call AFS, Inc.

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