Now that your new track is installed, you can use the following accessories to help protect it. Just ask one of our staff members about these protective mats. We have new pricing for 2012. Please check out the chart below.

Bench Zone™ and Cross-Over Zone™

Bench Zone™ Protectors are designed for tracks that fit tightly around a football field. Easy to install and remove. It is made of a tough geotextile fabric that resists and cushions against cleats, but rain drains completely through. Available in sizes 15' deep x 75', 100', 125', or 150. Custom sizes are available.

Landing Zone™ Pit Covers

Landing Zone™ Pit Covers are used to cover the pole vault and long jump pits. They are made of a virtually tear proof mesh that keeps out animals and children but allows the rain to drain through. Customized to sized to fit your pit and are available in 15 standard colors.

Have a question or need a custom quote?

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