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SEAL-FLEX® has been rigorously tested under ASTM standards for tensile strength, spike pick-up, freeze / thaw resistance, abrasion, light exposure and chalking. It has bee proven to be tough, durable and virtually maintenance free. SEAL-FLEX® is often imitated but never duplicated. Insist on the right track, a genuine SEAL-FLEX® TRACK! ALL SEAL-FLEX© systems are available with a color matched polyurethane spray coat for added durability and color fastness.


When you choose a new track for your school, you want the best track that your money can buy. You want a track that is safe, attractive and easy to maintain. You want a track that is a source of pride and an asset to your school. you want a SEAL-FLEX® track. A SEAL-FLEX track, in plain words, lets you have a better track for less money. You get all of the advantages of an all-weather synthetic surface at an affordable price and you continue saving because of fewer maintenance requirements and lower maintenance costs. Sounds "too good to be true?" It would be if we hadn't discovered a simple way to use rubber strands, instead of rubber chunks to form a continuous, seamless track surface built on an asphalt substrate that has the ideal resiliency, but is rock tough. A latex bound SEAL-FLEX track offers you the resilience that athletes and coaches love, combined with the safety and traction of an all weather surface. A SEAL-FLEX track keeps its good looks for years with very little maintenance and is always an attractive addition to the athletic site. SEAL-FLEX is installed by a network of experts who understand the process and the materials. We have installed hundreds of tracks and we would love to send you a list of their owners with names and telephone numbers.

Our Latest Latex Seal-Flex Track

The SEAL-FLEX difference makes it the right track for your school.

When we say "Track Record"... We mean "TRACK RECORD!" All weather seamless surface Limited warranty against material defects minimal maintenance Any necessary repairs are quick and easy to make Resilient surface withstands heavy spike use and the elements Professional installation and service available close to home. SEAL- FLEX surfaces are only available from a select group of surfacing specialists. Each an expert in the demands of your climate, soil conditions and installation.

The SEAL - FLEX® Difference

track shoesWhat makes SEAL-FLEX better than other comparably priced surfaces is its unique construction and application process. Traditional granular rubber surfaces incorporate randomly dispersed rubber "pebbles" that "float" in a binder. As the binder begins to deteriorate with age and climatic changes, these "pebbles" are fee to separate and break away from the surface. The SEAL-FLEX matrix is composed of interlocking stranded rubber particles bound by a tough latex compound and permanently bonded to an asphalt substrate. The chemical interaction of these materials combined with the interlocking rubber strands creates a durable seamless, web-like mat surface. Unlike granular surfaces, SEAL-FLEX rubber particles won't "pick" out or break loose under the regular punishment of track shoe spike action. Its chemical composition resists oxidizing or degeneration under ultra-violet rays or climatic changes. The surface remains resilient season after season, even in cold weather. Due to its uniqueness composition, SEAL-FLEX reduces the risk of running-related injuries common with harder surfaces. Choose the surface that's right for you. SEAL-FLEX is available in various colors and thickness, depending upon your requirements. Ask your SEAL-FLEX surfacing specialist for all the details to "get on the right track".
  • Seal-Flex® Classic Rubber Systems

  • Layers of black stranded rubber bound by our special latex polymers.
  • LR-4: Four coats, minimum depth of 1/4"
  • LR-6: Six coats, minimum depth of 3/8"
  • LR-8: Eight coats, minimum depth of 1/2"
  • Seal-Flex® Mixed Rubber Systems

  • Base mat of classic black stranded layers topped with colored EPDM granules and our colored binder.
  • CRS-5: Three coats black, two coats color, minimum depth of 5/16"
  • CRS-6: Four coats black, two coats color, minimum depth of 3/8"
  • CRS-8: Five coats black, three coats color, minimum depth of 1/2"
  • Seal Flex® Full Depth Black SBR Systems

  • GR-5: Five coats granular rubber, minimum depth of 3/8
  • 8GB Dadicated Ram
  • GR-7: Seven coats granular rubber, minimum depth of 1/2"n

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