Pole Vault

With the addition of girls' pole vault, many schools are building a second runway to accommodate increased usage. New regulations are pending that will require a larger fall pad area. If you are considering a new runway, you may want to allow for this larger area in order to be in compliance when and if the rules change. This is especially important if your runway will be located alongside the track oval. Make sure that your increased fall pad will not encroach on the track. Once you have your runway built, don't skimp on the vault box. A stainless steel box, properly installed in concrete will give years of safe service.

Long / Triple Jump Runways

Be generous in your runway design. Too often, runways are too short so that runners have to start in the grass. A good length would be between 150' to 160.' The sand pit should be 20'. To go longer is not necessary and wastes space. Better to use that length in extra runway. A popular design puts two runways on one length of pavement, 160' by 16.' This allows for a more accurate surface, since a paving machine can be used. Takeoff boards are high maintenance, and are not needed on most resilient surfaces. Painting of the takeoff areas on the surface is all that is required. Even though takeoff marks can be painted up to two feet wide for high schools, consider making your takeoff mark narrow, to increase the jumper's accuracy and add to distance.

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